A Must See.. Seriously


We can laugh about it now right.. :O


There has been way too much buzz around the success of this viral/app campaign that I thought it was a must-post for the blog. Back for round 2, Chipotle has gone where no fast food restaurant has before. Well, maybe they have, but Chipotle has truly created something unique. It reminds me a little bit of the Lorax, but that is just me. Let me tell you, it is a heart-warming piece. In only a few days, this video has reached more than 3.5 million views and has been blowing up all over the internet.

and did I mention, it comes as a iOS game too? genius.

Leo it is.

I look forward to starting my career here!

I can’t help but get a little emotional over Apple’s latest FaceTime commercial. The simple and powerful strategy has been the stronghold of the Apple brand since the beginning. Apple products bring people together and give them the platform to connect on so many different levels. Take a look.

My favourite of the back to school bunch. So many back to school commercials are packed with unnecessary product and price shots and over excited mothers. This spot does it well. The kids are hilarious!

It is safe to say that this has gone viral. A short story, if you will, about the once all powerful ‘Camp Gyno’ who lost her power to an online delivery service – “HelloFlo”. Great example of branded content. There is no blatant CTA for HelloFlo, it just sparks curiosity for women to search about the service. I am interested to know how this service will take off come the fall and how people people have signed up so far.


Just a catchy tune about everyone’s fave sandwich cookie.

YellowPages makes a relevant comeback

When was the last time anyone actually looked in the physical YellowPages to find a phone number? Do they even print phonebooks anymore?

YellowPages is an excellent example of what would be thought of as an obsolete service/brand recreating itself. The have done a great job of becoming relevant again in the minds of Toronto consumers by transforming into a mobile experience. Their campaign, driven by OOH and mobile, is targeted and specific to the millennial group (like me) who shack up in downtown Toronto neighbourhoods. The copy is witty, funny and clever and the billboards are strategically placed to appeal to those in that given neighbourhood (see the Queen West example I have posted). This is one of my fave OOH campaigns of the summer. I immediately downloaded the app. I encourage you all to check it out!

Bell Canada

Neilson's Chocolate

Coca Cola

The Bank of Nova Scotia

When perusing through your grandparents yearbook (don’t ask why), one might look for old pics of your once less wrinkled grandparents. You might laugh at the fact that grandpa was part of the chess club.. whatever it may be, I was one to notice the retro ads. Coca-Cola, Bell Canada, Scotiabank and Neilson’s Chocolate were main ad sponsors of Harbord Collegiate’s Harbord Review back in 1952. Can you imagine such high profile advertisers choosing to take out an ad in a local high school yearbook in 2013? Times have definitely changed. It is so interesting to see how entirely basic these ads were. The copy was so simple, it could almost still work today. I found this especially interesting because I have been working on Scotiabank throughout my internship, just over 60 years later!

Sometimes the greatest commercials are made up of moments that were not intentionally captured on camera. The candid nature of the spot makes it funny, light hearted, relatable and authentic. It showcases a series of embarrassing, bizarre and mostly just human moments that everyone has experienced at one time or another. It makes for a great ad.